Thursday, 26 March 2020

Lockdown Diary : Day Two

Carrying on from yesterday, here's my diary for day two of the lockdown (Wednesday 25th March)...

There hasn't been much new national news, but my sister knew the British diplomat who has died from Covid-19 in Hungary - they were in the same year at Hutchie.  I think it's made us all a little more anxious about our own potential mortality from the virus, although my sister still plans to take her daily walks outside.

I went out into the back garden a little today to hang up laundry and replenish the bird feeders, but otherwise I'm still very content to just remain indoors.  It's generally very quiet out on the street, with probably more traffic in the form of delivery vans than of cars.

Work has continued, focusing on e-learning.  I've found some modules that relate to general transferable skills, so I'm focusing on those ahead of my upcoming job change (once remaining annual leave is applied, it looks like next Wednesday will be my last day working for public libraries).

For dinner, we finished off a courgette tart we had made a few days ago.  This is one I'm going to add to my post-lockdown dinner rotation, I think, maybe with some different veg too.  Basically it was just a sheet of pre-made puff pastry, a cheese mix formed of 250g ricotta, 100g mozzarella, and 30g parmesan, a couple of slice courgettes laid out on top, and drizzled with garlic and oil...

The Eaglesham Minecraft servers are seeing an increasing amount of use, and I've now also launched a second server so that one can be run in survival mode and the other in creative mode, as there was a pretty even divide over which version the kids preferred to play - worth considering if anyone else plans on launching their own local server!

No photo of the day today as there's nothing worth sharing from any past 26th of March... though trawling through my Google Photos archive has made me realise what a high percentage of the things I photograph are just food I've eaten!

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