Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Lockdown Diary : Day One

Hello everyone!  I am terrible at ever writing anything for this blog, but given the current lockdown situation I find myself looking for productive things to do and also a way to document this time for the future...  So here's some of what I was up to on Tuesday 24th March, the first day of "Lockdown".

The public library service I work for closed to the general public last Wednesday, but we had carried on going in for some background tasks that we could still do.  After the PM's announcement on Monday night however, we were all directed to work from home as of yesterday.  The only downside being much of the potential for working from home comes from training or preparing material for the future, while I expect to be finishing up with the public libraries some time next week for my move to the university library.  The move isn't in doubt as the university enquiries team is still working remotely to answer enquiries via email.

We've been using the time in the evening to do a lot of exciting healthy cooking with as many fresh ingredients as possible, so last night there was a pretty impressive quorn and vegetable massaman curry with egg fried rice.

In terms of food, it's also maybe worth checking the online grocers again now, as they seem to be opening up additional delivery slots.  Asda had had no slots available for three weeks when I checked yesterday morning, but by evening there had been slots available as soon as the next week.  The supermarkets are reportedly employing thousands of new staff, and it seems to be showing up with additional capacity.  Last time I checked though, Tesco still had no available slots, Sainsbury's was limiting deliveries to high-risk groups, and Morrisons and Waitrose were still paused on new orders awaiting additional capacity coming available.

My main project thus far has been getting a Minecraft server online to give Eaglesham and Waterfoot kids an online space in which to keep in touch and play.  It's still in its early days, but it seems to be working well so far, and isn't expensive to run.  I've used a server provider called Shockbyte who seemed to have a good reputation for customer service and value for money.  There was about a 36 hour delay from purchasing the server to it getting online, but given the circumstances I'm very happy it was possible at all.  Maybe a possible idea for you fellow library staff out there who normally work with the local kids.

To end, here's a photo from the 24th of March last year - a mallard pair seen on campus at the University of Strathclyde.  Here's looking forward to returning to that campus soon!

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