Thursday, 2 March 2017

A New Blog!


Most people reading this probably already know me. I've been tweeting, blogging, and otherwise creating internet content now for about the past ten years. If you don't know me, you can expect this blog to largely be concerned with Scottish politics, election results, and so forth. To begin with, however, it's going to focus more just on my return to Scotland, as I only just moved back to East Kilbride yesterday, after exactly three years of living and working in the West Midlands of England.

It's been a rather strange experience thus far. East Kilbride is where I grew up and went to school, living their for my first eighteen years. Returning after nearly ten years away, things are strangely familiar and yet I can also see a lot of changes.

As I said, I've spent the past three years in England. Down there, I was working for a library service, and my new job in Scotland that should be starting soon is also going to be working for a library service – so expect libraries to come up in a lot of blog posts as well, especially as libraries remain very much in the front line of public sector cuts.

Most of the internet content I have created over the years has been related to archiving election results, especially local by-election results, and to this end I run a number of websites (English Elections, Scottish Elections, Welsh Elections, Cornish Elections) where I host these archives. They're all needing some work to bring up to date at the moment, but that's something I'm hoping to get done during this brief gap between jobs.

So, what was the point of creating this new blog? Well, I wanted to establish a more general presence on the internet. This blog is going to be more for my own opinions and thought pieces, focused on Scottish politics but occasionally covering other topics as well. I may also use this platform from time to time to promote any other projects I am working on, or new ones being launched.

This blog intends to be jovial and good-spirited, and I hope that over time it will become an enjoyable read. Now, let blogging commence...

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  1. Good luck, having a over haul of my own blog at the moment, have a few idea which will be developed in time for the next General Election. Hope you enjoy your new blog.